Bronze Swine in Munich

Hi folks,

the Swine (boar or wild hog) made of Bronze in Munich’s inner city at the Hunting Museum (Jagd- und Fischereimuseum) is always crowded by tourists coming from other German cities and from all over the world, also. People touch parts of the swine to gain luck form ancient forest gods or from something else and take pictures of themselves or their families and friends in front of the swine or even sitting/riding on it. As you can see, the parts which were touched massively are lighter, nearly „golden“ and let the swine look more natural, in my opinion.

Bronze Hog in Munich

The Germans, especially the Bavarian people call it „Keiler“ or „Eber“ if its a male wild hog and like to eat the flesh as Salami and hang their heads in the rooms as a hunting trophy. The big tusks are woren as jewelery (Trachtenschmuck like Chariwari) for traditional cloathing (Trachten / Dirndl).

The statue is a copy made of bronze (1960). The original swine is located in the „Borstei“ a living area in the north of Munich. The artist is Mr. Martin Mayer.

Bronze Swine, designed by Martin Mayer